Unreal Engine 3D Character Modeler/Animator Intern:

Gale Force Logic is currently seeking a self-starter who is looking for a chance to show off their skills; current and recent students are encouraged to apply.

The candidate needs to have excellent realistic character design and modeling skills, and the ability to take a concept all the way through the pipeline from design to implementation in UDK.

The candidate need not be local to the Research Triangle area of North Carolina, but local applicants will be given preference. The ability to work independently from home will be required.

Required skills:

  • Low & High-poly modeling and texturing of a realistically-detailed, normal-mapped character, suitable for use within the game engine.
  • Taking the completed character and performing the necessary workflow to allow it to be used with the existing animations within the engine.
  • 3D Studio Max
  • ZBrush
  • Unreal Engine/UDK

Desired Skills:

  • 2D Character concepting
  • Maya
  • Experience with FaceFX and other features of UDK
  • Rigging and custom animations