The Mission

The Provocative Interactive Experience

Gale Force Logic is building a team to establish themselves as a premier developer of original IP games for digital distribution markets using triple-A-established engine technology. Our target demographic is the evolving gamer. We define the evolving gamer as a person who grew up with video games, has the cash to spend on games, but the time to invest in long gaming sessions is now non-existent. Our goal is to create games which are accessible yet engaging, combined with modest time requirements and with an emphasis on narrative.

To achieve the mission, our primary focus is to create Provocative Interactive Experiences. Through the constant innovations that occur in modern technology, the video games industry draws many parallels to the film industry. However, the compelling and contentious story lines have mainly been reserved for film making. When most think of video and casino games, they lean towards the enjoyments, excitements, and amusements that can be acquired from them. Similarly, when most think of serious games, they think of the opportunities to learn in a safer environment, the real-world activities that can be rehearsed, and the predictions based on certain game conditions. However, Gale Force Logic has discovered that there are aspects of video gameplay that cross over from being purely a form of entertainment to yielding a deeper, more intellectual connection with its player(s). Simultaneously, this is achieved in a non-teaching tool fashion. Gale Force Logic defines this phenomenon a provocative interactive experience.

A provocative interactive experience is an abstract concept that manifests in a number of forms. They include:

  • Interactive Dramas
  • Narrative Visualizations
  • Interactive Documentaries
  • Historic Simulations

The Company

Established in 2010, Gale Force Logic is in Raleigh-Durham, NC.

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